Frenchify... because everything sounds better with a French accent!

Ah French, the language that can turn rot into romance. The soft sounds, the elision, the ever-so-subtle air of conceit. It all feels like warm honey to this hungry American's ears, and so I've decided to try and learn a little myself. The problem is that learning a new language from scratch will takes both effort and smarts, both of which are in short supply. And French is not just any language (like say, Ebonics or Canadian). Its nouns have genders, its verbs are particular about formalities, half the letters are silent, and the only way to pronounce an r is to defy the tongue's natural inclination and draw upon functions of the throat you never knew existed.

So, it will be some time before I can say anything of use, but until then, I figured I should try and work on the next best thing: a french accent! And that brings us to Frenchify, the uncomparably sophisticated accent translation tool that can assist in the vain endeavor to be a more attractive sounding conversationalist.

Input your English, press Frenchify, and voilà... it ees as easy as zat! [Translation Rules]

Note: This tool (re: handful of php lines) comes with my usual software assurance guarantee, which is absolutely nothing. I tried it two or three times, and it seemed to work. Sort of. If you have suggestions or compliments, send me an email or post a comment. If you have criticism or it doesn't work for you, it's probably my fault, but you'll have to find someone else that wants to listen to your complaints. My advice would be to find someone French.